Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with our amazing team!


Lucy V.
18:41 08 Jul 24
I’m super happy with my results. I appreciate everything that Dr. Velez has done for me!! She was the only person that let me know about me having short roots and gave me an option on what I wanted to do with my situation. I would definitely recommend her with everyone else!
Cecilia G.
16:14 07 Jul 24
Thank you!😊Bianca and Amanda 🎉
maria V.
18:54 25 Jun 24
Bianca is very welcoming and very helpful. After so many years coming here this place still has amazing customer service and wonderful staff.
ariana V.
01:15 21 Jun 24
It was such a pleasure going to this orthodontist for 3 years. Each time I went, the staff was so welcoming. I would definitely recommend!
Andrea D.
20:41 20 Jun 24
staff was amazing, and my son was already gonna get invisible liners, but i was concerned about price. Next day I went down the hill in chino where my nephew goes, and he got the braces on the same day and half the price that I was getting them here in Apple Valley....
Serena A.
17:46 20 Jun 24
The facility is very nice and kept clean.The staff is always super friendly and helpful.I highly recommend.
20:58 13 Jun 24
The staff is very kind and welcoming.Bianca did my braces; she did an amazing job! Kept me informed every step of the way and always made sure everything was comfortable when it came down to putting the brackets and wires. Thanks, again 🙂
Maria V.
21:51 06 Jun 24
Amy is super friendly. This was my son’s consultation and she explained everything and was patient with all my questions.
Eva B.
17:17 24 May 24
Everyone is very professional and engaging. The pricing is affordable as well!
Tazariya W.
20:47 22 May 24
I first got my braces when i was 7 months pregnant and all the staff and the doctor were very sweet and patient with me ! Every appointment was a breeze and they also gave me amazing feedback on me teeth 2 years later i get my braces taken off and ny teeth look amazing i couldn't choose a better place to get my braces done at i now have an beautiful smile that i never thought i would have ! 10/10 i highly recommend 🤍! Thank you for giving me a beautiful smile and making me feel pretty again
19:42 22 May 24
Bianca was a very nice and helpful assistant 🙂
Daisy G.
17:26 21 May 24
I son just started his ortho journey, My experience has been wonderful, The first appointment was a consultation, the moment I walked in they greeted us with smiles. the atmosphere feels right and that was what I was looking for, I had a previous consultation elsewhere and the atmosphere wasn't flesent at all but with applevalley ortho is so different, they make you feel at home, they have a coffee stating in the waiting area which I think it gives that little personal touch. My son is happy which that is a plus for me. I'll keep you guys updated through this journey. But for now it a 10 out of 10 love it..
Jordan L.
16:58 20 May 24
My experience was amazing throughout the whole process. Ismael was great help and very kind. Definitely would recommend coming here.
Jada B.
23:18 15 May 24
Jose was very welcoming during the consultation. He was also very helpful to get me started on continuing my treatment. I look forward to working with them soon.
Savanna W.
16:12 15 May 24
These people were really nice they always try really hard for their patients to have the best experience. Ismael was really nice and always has the best attitude towards everyone thank you guys for the best experience and results.
Leslie N.
21:50 13 May 24
I recently went in for a consult and loved it. All the staff was very genuine and nice towards me. It also smelled lovely. I Really enjoyed how Jose was very nice and explained everything to me really to as well as answering my questions. He was super informative and really made me feel appreciative. There was also male assistant i forgot to catch his name but he was also very friendly towards me. overall great experience cannot wait to start my braces here!
Tonya S.
18:07 13 May 24
This office has been amazing! My daughter is getting braces and from the very beginning we've had the best experience. The whole staff has been very helpful and seems so genuine. I will definitely recommend Apple Valley Ortho. to all our friends and family.
Steven C.
17:36 13 May 24
Had a great experience here very helpful and positive Jose was amazing thank you
Jamie B.
17:36 13 May 24
Jose’s really helpful and explained everything well, thank you great experience
Xavier A.
19:57 09 May 24
It was such pleasure to receive such excellent care from this office. This is my second time receiving orthodontic treatment because the first office I went to did not do the best job. I was extremely hesitant to begin treatment, however, I am so glad I made the switch. From the initial consultation to receiving my first day of treatment, I knew all of the staff were completely and totally invested in me. Special thank you to Jonah, Bianca, Brianna, Amy, Jose, Sophana and Dr. Velez for treating me with the utmost care and making this entire process stress free for me. I am eager to see the end result of my orthodontic journey, as I know I am in great hands with Apple Valley Orthodontics.
Cynthia L.
18:37 09 May 24
Jose helped me out explaining everything to me very recommended 👌
Daniela E.
03:36 07 May 24
Friendly staff, we had a meeting with Jose he was very helpful, answered all our questions we left satisfied.
Desiree G.
18:22 06 May 24
I had a great experience here at Apple valley orthodontics Jose helped me out and explained everything very well I’m happy to start my treatment journey
Jeremiah G.
16:17 06 May 24
Jose will get you right! Best treatment coordinator in the high desert!! 10/10
Crystal B.
11:52 02 May 24
4 of my kids and I have all seen Dr. Velez forBraces/invisaline. He entire staff and Dr. VelezSpecifically has seen my kids grow up. They have made us feel like family and no matter how long goes between visits (even years) she will recognize and you and great you like family. Jose is a great manager and they all are so amazing. A++++++
Danielle M.
17:20 10 Apr 24
They are wonderful people and good with people
Vivian R.
00:04 09 Apr 24
I had a good experience here for 4 years i got my braces off today with Ismael i love my mew smile!
Christopher M.
21:26 08 Apr 24
My experience at this place was very exciting for me because the braces and the workers helped me get my teeth fixed and they are better than ever. Also Ismael helped me with the retainers and gave me instructions of what to do with the retainers and now I know what to do and how to keep them clean thank you Ismael.
Therese F.
20:18 07 Apr 24
The staff is always polite and going the extra mile to answer any questions about treatment. Even through text messages, they contact you right away and are so helpful with scheduling appointments.
suzzette S.
17:25 07 Apr 24
The staff is very friendly and informative they take their time with your child
Lily R.
17:16 07 Apr 24
Everyone is very welcoming and patient with my daughter they explain everything.
Blanche M.
20:01 06 Mar 24
I have a young men that got braces with av orthodontist. Invisalign to be exact. I was so pleased with their staff, team mates and services. Beautiful office. Extremely clean! So impressed that my youngest just got braces from av orthodontist too!
Evie Q.
19:10 29 Feb 24
This place is not only clean and professional but also has great prices and the customer service is super attentive. .Thank you Dr. Velez for all the great job and for making my smile look so good. I recommend this place 100 💯 👌
Wendy S.
00:54 29 Feb 24
My experience with this orthodontist was good. I started with very bad teeth and by the end of my braces I was very happy with my teeth. Also all of the staff members are very nice and are very helpful a few people who help me are Ismael and Ben but all of them are very nice including the doctor who definitely helped me a lot. Overall I would definitely recommend this place for your braces.
Angelo C.
20:04 28 Feb 24
My experience with this office has been nothing but great so far. the staff is accommodating and kind while being timely and professional. Ben helped me put my braces on and was great to work with. Doctor explained everything perfectly and i recommend to everyone! thank you!
Crystal W.
20:21 17 Feb 24
I love this place. My daughter is getting braces . The price is reasonable and the monthly payments are just right for what I can pay. The staff is friendly everytime. They make my daughter feel comfortable when she comes in especially since she was so nervous to start her braces journey. 10 out of 10
Jessica C.
18:08 09 Feb 24
The professionalism at Apple Valley Orthodontic truly stands out. From the moment I walked in, the staff's friendliness and the doctor's expertise made me feel at ease. The overall experience has been fantastic, and most important my daughter enjoys going to her appointments. Thank you, Apple Valley Orthodontic, for your outstanding service!
Its J.
17:40 05 Feb 24
Great experience!! My teeth came so great and I just so happy, Thank you for everything ❤️❤️
Amy L.
18:09 31 Jan 24
This is my regular place to get my braces worked on and the staff is really nice and great, they get the job done as quick as they can and do a great job in my opinion thank you Jonah especially he’s cool
Miriam A.
20:27 25 Jan 24
My Daughter Mia had an excellent experience thanks Ben for all for help.
Taylor B.
02:48 23 Jan 24
There was no “shopping around” for us! The first phone call was all I needed to make my choice for my daughter’s journey with braces. The staff completely sets the bar… they are so kind and patient! Amazing. 10/10
barack O.
16:43 18 Jan 24
Nice staff and quick appointments
Marco C.
18:48 15 Jan 24
Great service from all staff, last appointment i had to remove my Invisalign everybody was very happy for me and I had a certain employee named Ismael treat me with great great service. Dr. Velez is the best there is and I would most definitely recommend!
violet S.
00:55 11 Jan 24
Very good orthodontists and nice people, Ismael is very good and pays attention to details with his work.
Jaslynn L.
17:38 10 Jan 24
I like this dentist I got my braces here and it was the best decision ever.
Israel B.
23:27 08 Jan 24
Jonah pretty cool
Jessica P.
18:07 08 Jan 24
Such a great staff. We are really happy with the service we receive here.
Mia K.
17:53 08 Jan 24
My doctor is so nice. made my smile😁
Brian G.
19:50 30 Nov 23
Amanda and the rest of the team are very nice and professional. Very gentle with your teeth sensitivity. Highly recommend to get your braces here.
Kim M.
19:56 29 Nov 23
They are ALL AMAZING!! if ur looking for an Orthodontist this is the place to be!! They make u feel loved and welcomed! They make u feel like family! They are patient with my daughter and now my son is about to start his braces process!! We love it here and THEM!! Highly recommended 🩶
Zio Z.
19:09 21 Nov 23
Jonah is the coolest orthodontist ever and did the best coolest ever.
Lakisha M.
18:08 19 Nov 23
Everyone is nice and helpful. You are seen in a timely matter and receive great work. Would definitely recommend to others.
Melissa M.
15:53 12 Oct 23
Apply valley Orthodontist office is so great! They have such a beautiful environment and everyone is super friendly. Everytime it’s quick and easy. Amy was very helpful!! I was recommended for sure.
Angelina S.
23:59 11 Oct 23
my experience was really good my teeth came out great the people are so nice ismael always helped and had great service !!!
Tatum W.
16:13 28 Sep 23
Jonah is cool he is nice and helpful
Desiree G.
23:25 25 Sep 23
Jonah is the best, he was very gentle and a great host
Jackson D.
18:09 25 Sep 23
Very nice! Their playlist is fire 🔥
Dorothy A.
23:20 21 Sep 23
This is a bittersweet moment for me since my braces journey has come to an end after a few years. I can tell you this office has some of the kindest people I have ever met. Dr. Velez and her staff truly go above and beyond to make sure you are happy throughout your smile journey. I am so thankful to everyone who has worked to give me a smile I can be confident with. I only wish the best for Dr. Velez, Ben, Bree, Amanda, and everyone else who has worked with me. Thank you all again!!! Also, for Ben, I still have to share the playlist I made for the office with you!!!!
Jacob S.
22:47 20 Sep 23
All the workers are polite and friendly and it’s lovely whenever I come here
22:30 20 Sep 23
They're really good, I've gone here since 4th grade
Ashley V.
18:20 18 Sep 23
Finally getting my Invisalign off today, had an amazing experience overall. All staff was always very welcoming and nice every time I came in. Thank you Dr. Velez, Jonah & all staff at Apple Valley orthodontics! Will definitely recommend.
isaac O.
16:55 18 Sep 23
Jonah is the very best orthodontist, I would recommend him to anyone who is going to need or have braces.
22:37 14 Sep 23
throughout the time being with them it’s been great. i just got my braces off and my teeth came out perfect, Ben and Jonah are awesome. they worked on my teeth the most. overall i really loved coming to Apple Valley Orthodontics, really recommend !
Pablo V.
22:48 13 Sep 23
Staff is great super nice and hard working. Ben is one of my favorites
17:32 13 Sep 23
They are very nice and kind people and I thank them for these 3 year attending me with my brace and I’m happy that I’m close to finally getting these braces off
Donovan M.
17:13 24 Aug 23
Been coming here for years I loved the energy from each person within this establishment, they’re great people and all have welcoming energy especially with the great Dr. Velez. If I could’ve kept my braces longer I probably would just to keep coming back 😭 but if you consider any orthodontist to go to I highly recommend this place all the way.
Monique E.
23:39 10 Aug 23
Very great service. My son loved every part of it, and Ismael was very friendly to my son and just a great person in general. Thanks for making my son so happy
00:02 10 Aug 23
Very nice! got Good teeth ! ismael was so nice and helped with my retainers lots !
18:33 07 Aug 23
Wonderful , quick and easy process
vanessa R.
00:19 03 Aug 23
Great Customer service, very helpful with understanding what dental problem your child needs. Very kind and helpful 🙂 I Recommend Ismael and there team .
Blake P.
18:04 31 Jul 23
This place is amazing and the doctors are very very nice. Would recommend
Omar A.
16:39 31 Jul 23
Great service overall! Ben does a great job making sure everything is tightened up and as comfortable as possible until the next appointment. Friendly, personable staff and very accommodating when changes do occur. I’ve been coming here for two years now and on my home stretch to get my braces removed. Very happy with my overall experience and results so far.
Summer P.
15:43 31 Jul 23
Very sweet people! And very quick.
Damian C.
15:46 27 Jul 23
Ismael was very helpful on my last appointment. Everybody here does a great job!
Gabriel L
22:04 26 Jul 23
Bree is a very nice hard working person as well as all the doctors
21:47 26 Jul 23
Ismael was about to deliver my retainers faster so that I can get to work on time
Krsna M.
00:57 26 Jul 23
In my own experience Apple valley orthodontist is a great friendly environment .the staff is very kind & Bree is great overall and makes it a great experience 👍
Christina R.
15:32 18 Jul 23
Amazing staff, shout out to Dr. Velez and one of the amazing staff Amanda👍🏻
Chloe C.
15:51 13 Jul 23
Jonah is very cool!
Samantha P.
16:56 11 Jul 23
love love love jonah and ben are the best teeth are pretty now
Yvette C.
23:09 10 Jul 23
Absolutely love this place. Both kids full sets. Easy payment plans. Very professional.